Misc Unsigned Bands – Seraphim - Amber Eyes chords

Intro E G D C ds -double strum Verse 1
EGDC E G DEyes X3 I,ll never forget the eyes, the eyes that burn through me, the eyes
C E Gthat heal me, no..It comes as no suprise, the only time i see them, is
D C E G whenever I'm closing mine. I try so hard to lie, but i think about them all the time,
D C E G i'm devasted when they cry, oh. The hardest was the climb, to get to where i
D Ccould fly, i wouldn't be here without a fight, and those...
E G D C EEyes, those eyes, they fill my dreams every night. Yeah those eyes,those
G D(ds) Ceyes. Those beautiful wonderful amber eyes.
Verse 2
E G I was on a road that i despise, where scars come and go and multiply, ive
D C E found that these eyes can open doors and windows. I followed all the signs,
G D Cfeeling left behind, ive searched for you all my life, for those...
E G D C E GEyes, those eyes, the wake me up everynight... Yeah those eyes, those eyes,
D(ds) Cthose perfect and magical amber eyes...
Verse #3
E G D C E when she sighs, constellations reverse and allign, so...it's really quite a
G D C sight, when you're by my side, We've never been denied no. So is there
E G D something to signify, how this girl can be so divine, and why her goodbyes
C E G D aren't justified, oh. When darkness arrives, and silence thrives, you girl,
Cyou mystify, with those...
E G D C E G Eyes, those eyes, they keep me up every night. Yeah those eyes, those eyes,
D(ds) C(ds) Ethose beautiful, wonderful, perfect and magical amber eyes...
CHORUS #3 again Ending amber eyes..(oohs) end on C
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