Misc Unsigned Bands – Highway 180 - Unimaginable chords

Left handed
            Unimaginable (You Are God)  -  Highway 180

Chords used: G Cadd9 Dsus4e|-3----3------3---|B|-3----3------3---|G|-0----0------2---|D|-0----2------0---|A|-2----3------0---|E|-3----X------X---|
Verse 1:
G Cadd9 You're unimaginable
G Cadd9 You're incomparable
G Cadd9 You're unbeatable
Dsus4You are
G Cadd9 You're immeasurable
G Cadd9 You're uncountable
G Cadd9 You're untouchable
Dsus4You are
G Cadd9You...created the earth
G Cadd9You...made the expanse
G Cadd9I...will always sing
Dsus4 Cadd9 Dsus4Always sing Your praise
G You are God!
Dsus4 Lord over man!
GYou are my King!
Cadd9You are everything!
GYou are God!
Dsus4Great I Am!
GYou are Love!
Cadd9You are high above!
G Cadd9You are God...
G Cadd9 I can only sing so much
G Cadd9 So little I can say
G Cadd9 But what I have
G Cadd9 Dsus4I will give today
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