Misc Unsigned Bands – David Bobby Zach - Relate tab

Hey! This is our band's new song. We all hope you like it. From, DBZ Records


:Piano Intro:

 Then, this is the guitar intro which should be played twice.

E---------------------------------------------------------------------|B---------------------------------------------------------------------|G-5-------------------------------------------------------------------|D-5----5----7----3----------------------------------------------------|A-3-X8-5-X8-7-X8-3-X8-------------------------------------------------|E------3----5----1----------------------------------------------------| (This should be played fast, but not TOO fast)
*****Play this again during the verses. Then it will sound like this.
Some-times in life so many peo-ple seem to let you down....... __________________________________________________________(the verses continue) Chorus:
After Chorus: Riff A
End: G 5 D 5 A 3 If you're interested in singing along..... Lyrics Chorus: You see her face Youre a disgrace You cant deny To her supply You hate hate hate You hate hate hate This cant be right but then in spite You think shes right But in the night You cant stop thinking….repeatchorus into next verse Verse 1. Sometimes in life so many things cant seem to let you down But when you pick your mind and body off the ground When you look up into the sky and see your whole life passing by Love being free, look up with glee, theres someone out there. Chorus twice Verse two: You lie in bed Just like youre dead Your face is red Cause when she said To comprehend… Thinking back to when Iraq Could have a knack For men in black Can you all see The lord is he\ And just so she Remembers me Ill count to three On my right knee… Chorus When in mass You feel like glass Try and repent With gods consent Come on and see Remember he\ Is always there For in your hair And in your blare And in your clare And in your stare Because hes there Chorus When you get dumped Try don’t get stumped Go just as if You do not miss I wrote this song So sing along and show The world to throw Your fears and sins away….
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