Misc Unsigned Bands – Counterfit Sound - Whats Up With You tab

Band : Counterfit Sound
Song : Whats Up With You!!

hey!!! another tab,another great song!!

Lyrics; verse 1 For all you know it's not for real Spare me the obsession that you deal If only you knew wouldn't it be nice Another day in paradise Chorus In my years i've seen all sounds of misconception In my years i've done all life can question So what's up with you,what's up with me What's up with you,what's up with me!! Verse 2 Simple words, i can't relate What's come easy is now too late Believing is all i've got to pass the time Coz now i am well passed my prime Order; Intro Verse 1 Bridge Chorus Bridge Verse 2 Bridge Chorus Intro Our website will be up and running soon it is; http://www.thecounterfitsound.co.uk
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