Misc Unsigned Bands – Mogwai - In The Shadow Of Mogwai tab

Unsigned band from Sweden

Hello, My Name Is Mathias And This Is Our First Song As A Band.
It was written by me and Henrik "Foppa" Forsberg
Thanks to Anders our music teacher for support and many other things
And ofcours I dont forget the little tiny green creature known as Mogwai

Repeat x 5

e|----------------------------------------------B|----------------------------------------------G|----------------------------------------------D|----------------------------------------------A|----------------------------------------------E|2/5\-3-3-3-0-2-2-0-1-b1----------------------- Then Star again From The Beginning
# The Outro
Slow Down a littlee|----------------------------------------------B|----------------------------------------------G|----------------------------------------------D|----------------------------------------------A|----------------------------------------------E|0-0-0-0-5-5-5-0-3-3-3-0-2-2-b2-0--------------
Lyrics: In The Shadow Of Mogwai The sun do not rise x2 No!, No sun doesnt rise... In the shadow of mogwai the crowd goes insane! x2 In the shadow the demons Hunts fore your blood x2 The Shadow will never fade x2 Mogwai has returned x3 Well thats it :) Vocals and Bass: Mathias Karlsson 1st guitar: Robin Sjölund 2nd guitar: Henrik Forsberg 3nd guitar: Kristoffer Vasberg Alsow Knowns as Kibbe Drums: Johan Wahlberg
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