Misc Unsigned Bands – Spooter - Hello Mcloud tab

ok this is a group called spooter there good this is my band my name is gabe
michaux and my brother and my friend are in it if you want to see us play and you
live in pennsylvania. well then your in luck in may where playing at mount
gilipsin church for a battle of the bands, see ya their oh ya by the way this
song is one of the best. hope you enjoy this new band

intro:(this might look like it is strumed but this is picked.)e---------------------------------------------------------------b---------------------------------------------------------------g----------------------4x---------------------------------------d----4-4-5-5--7-7-5-5--9-7---------------------------------------a--5--5-5-5--5-5-5-5---------------------------------------------e---------------------------------------------------------------
the verse of this song is the same as the intro only that you play it 8 times then it gos to the pre chorus.
pre chorus:e--------------------------------------------b-----------------------------------------2x-g-----------------7777777-------------9999---d-5555555-7777777-7777777-11-11-11-11-9999---a-5555555-7777777-5555555--9 9--9--9--7777---e-3333333-5555555----------------------------
outro:(play slow)e--------------------b--------------------g--------------------d---7----------------a--5-5---------------e-3------------------
order intro verse4x prechorus2x chorus4x intro 2x verse4x prechorus2x chorus4x (then repeat) outro1x there you have it hope you enjoy this one there is some stuff i left out on this tab because i dont know how to explain how you would play because it is pretty safisticated but the rest is original ps. this is the second song i ever wrote so be easy
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