Misc Unsigned Bands - Spooter - Just Call Us Rock Stars tab

this new band from pennsylvania called spooter, these guys are my friends from
church and i tabbed one of their punk rock songs called just call us rock stars
it is a very good song, but they havnt got lyrics for this yet.this group already
has a bunch of tabs on hear so look for them, 

intro:(palm muted)e--------------------------------------------------b--------------------------------------------------g----------------------------2x--------------------d-----11------9----6---76--------------------------a---11------7-----7--9-----------------------------e-9-------9-----5----------------------------------
c# 8x, A 1x, Ab 8x,B 1x,C# 4x, E 5x, A 4x, B 4x verse: (palm muted)
order: intro verse chorus verse(4x times instead of 2x) chorus intro
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