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Band: Nothing So Far
Tabbed By: Eric Nowrouzi

This is my band. We're a local band from edmond.
If you'd like you can visit our site at www.angelfire.com/emo/nothingsofar

1. The Perfect Song:

Intro:  E  C# B (x3) /  A   B 

Verse:  E  C# B  E  A B (x4) /  A  B

Chorus:  E  A B  E C# (x2) /  E  B  A  B

Bridge:  E D# C# B (x2) /  E F# G# A (x2)

2. Queen of Hearts:


Verse: D A G A Chorus: G A D B / G A D E F# G / D E F# G (x2) Bridge:
Bridge Part 2: B G D A 3. Flunking Out: Intro:
Verse: C F G F Chorus: C G A F Bridge: A# F G D# 4. A Loser Like Me: Intro: C G A F Verse/Bridge: C G A G Chorus: F G C A 5. Bad Karma: Intro:
e|--------------|B|--------------|G|--9-----------|D|-9-9-10-9-7-9-| (x4)A|9-------------|E|--------------|
Verse: E C B Chorus: E C B C D E Bridge: B C D E 6. All I Know: Intro: D C# B A (x3)/ F# A B C# A Verse: A B F# E Chorus: D B G A B C BC A Solo:
7. Gone Again: The whole song is E C D C over & over
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