Misc Unsigned Bands – Nick Boyd - I Surrender chords

Verse 1:
GMy Heart Burns
DAnd My Soul Thirsts
Em D CTo Live My Life Walking In Your Presence
GSo Take My Heart
DTake Every Piece Of Me
Em D CMold Me To Be More And More Like You
GWith Your Blood And Your Fire
DYou Purify Me
Em D CWash Me Clean So I Can Walk Closer To You
GIt's My Hearts Desire
DTo See Your Kingdom Come
Em D C (D To Bridge)Oh Touch Me Lord And I'll Let Your Will Be Done
Verse 2:
GSo Ignite The Fire
DTo Burn Deeply In My Bones
Em D CConsuming Every Living Part Of Me
GAnd As It Burns
DI Give You Control
Em D CI'll Be The Light On The Hill For All The World To See
Em C G DOh Let Your Fire Fall, Oh Let Your Fire Fall
Em C G DOh Let Your Fire Fall, Oh I Surrender Control
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