Misc Unsigned Bands – Talain Rayne - Dear Sister Your Brother chords

Talain Rayne
Dear Sister, Your Brother
Intro:    F  Bb  Dm  
F Bb DmCome Back Old lights, and childish fights
Cdo you remember all the good times
F Bb Dm when we were young, and when we made fun
Cwatching all those lovers making old rhymes
F Bb Dm C As I sail out onto the sea, all these rocks burning beneath me
F Bb Dm Cwoah oh oh
F BbPlease say everything is okay
Dmtell me we can go play
Clike we did when we were younger
F BbOh, Oh well sing and SHOUT
Dmlying on the ground
Cstarring up at worlds beyond our own.
F Bb F Bb Verse
F Bb Dm CWould you save the stinging bee, if it fell into the ocean
F Bb Dm CYes I would, i'd pull it out, like a brother to a sister.
F Bb Dm CI feel the sting, and hear you shout as you find another mister
F Bb Dm Cwoah oh oh
Chorus Bridge
Dm Gm Bb CCause yea you'll sing when i shout, cause you know I'm gonna make it.
Dm Gm Bb CAnd you'll sing, and I'll shout cause you know were gonna make it
Dm Gm Bb CAnd you'll sing when you shout, cause you know your gonna make it.
Chorus 2X
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