Misc Unsigned Bands – Karin Park - On My Way chords

This might not be the best chords ever, but there is no Karin Park at Ultimate-
Guitar AT ALL, so I felt like I should do something about it.
Please let me know if you have ideas to make it better :)

I like to hold the two highest (?) strings while I play Em, C and G. 

Capo 2nd 

GI'm on my way
Em Cadd9No one around me could tell me to stay
GAfter so long
Em Cadd9I travel the miles just to see if your home
Cadd9 EmLala lala
Cadd9 D Cadd9Time has told me not to wait
D Cadd9 GI wanted to be like the first time I sat by your side
Em Cadd9When everyone seemed nice
D Cadd9 GI wanted to taste like the first time I found myself breathing your love
Cadd9 EmIts been so long
Cadd9 DAnd Im not the same
Cadd9But time is not to blame
GI remember your voice
Em Cadd9It sounds slightly deeper than I used to know
GEight years ago
Em Cadd9Am I still in those cartoons that you used to draw?
EmLala lala
Cadd9 D Cadd9I would never ask for more
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