Misc Unsigned Bands – A Censored Sunlight - Temperance chords

Am7, Cm7, Fm7

Where is this hell I'm burning I'm stuck inside the inferno. Where are my demons living
I'm caught within the temptation, yeah... I'm lost beneath my soul, I'm dancing with the
ghosts, I'm on the run can't seem to find the virtue. I'm drowning in your heart, I'm 
sealing up the wounds. I just can't seem to find my place.

Am, G, F

You draw me oh so close and then you turn your back, baby, I'm not okay with that. The
temperance, all the want it tries to fill my heart, I won't allow it- I want you back.

C, Em, Am, F

The thirst it fills my mouth and I'm okay, I never wanted this anyway. I'm lying to
myself and it can't be right. But with you on my mind, I can't put up a fight.


Am, G, F

And in the light of day...
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