Misc Unsigned Bands - Gene Evaro Jr - Past Pain tab

Gene Evaro Jr.
Past pain

Tabbed by THL22 from the Matt Moody Project and Lunar Crescent

As heard in Deadliest Catch season 6 finale.

Start by tuning your guitar to open D
Which is: D A D F♯ A D
If you use a tuner, set it to two flats and on the g string just one flat and you'll get there.
Put the CAPO on 6Th fret.
I also found this Youtube video of Gene explaining it!

The song contains three parts which are intro, verse and chords. The loop.


D-|-0h2--2/4------------|A-|-0-------------------|F#|-0h3--3/5------------| Just Repeat this!D-|---------------------|A-|---------------------|D-|---------------------|
D U D U D U D U D U Lyrics: Crushed by the horizon you never thought you would see Dragged upon the mountain you never thought you could contain Ending verse:
D-|---------------------------------|A-|---------------------------------|F#|---------------------------------|D-|---------------------------------| repeat 2 times!A-|--------2-2-2--4-4-4---5-5-5-5---|D-|--5-5-5--------------------------|Lyrics:contain, its rocks, it's grace
Intro/Verse: Lift myself up from the pages right in front of me I've let my mind go as my heart begins to... Ending verse: ..See, set itself free Chorus:
D-|---------------------------------|A-|---------------------------------|F#|--3/1-hammer on the first fret---|D-|---------------------------------| repeat 2 times! (then play intro/verseA-|--4/2----------------------------| 2 times and then back to the chorus)D-|---------------------------------|Chorus:Let no one else contain (intro/verse)Chorus:but those who lift past pain (intro/verse)
(mandolin) Let no one else contain but those who lift you past pain Ending verse: Run as free as the water rains Intro/Verse: Know you're much better off livin' inside of your faith Now I'm much better off living inside of my... Ending verse: ...faith And that it!! Whats the video up top for some clarification!
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