Misc Unsigned Bands – Wilfred Bradley - Wonderfully Made chords


G C Am D GYou created the skies and the seas
The flowers and the trees Marvelous are your works indeed You clothe the grass which lasts a day And you knew every word I say So caring are you Lord oh yes you are indeed Pre chorus
Bm Em C D But sometimes I hear voices
Telling me all my flaws I look into the mirror And it hurts me more and more But now I know who made me He loves me for who I am So those words which once had hurt me Doesn't matter anymore Chorus
G C Am D GCos my Abba made me
I am wonderfully made It doesn't matter what you say Cos my Abba made me As Jesus is, so am I I am the apple of His eye It doesn't matter what you see in me I'm wonderful in His sight Verse 2
G C Am D GOh Lord you are so great
You number the hairs on my head So loving are you Lord oh yes You are indeed When all I had was guilt and strife Lord You came and gave me life So gracious are you Lord oh yes you are indeed (Chorus)
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