Misc Unsigned Bands – Queen Of Needles - Saviour tab

              this is my band and if we make a website then it will be
              http//www.blackdoorsofheaven.com put on the thing where
              the people make their own tabs and stuff and yeah.

      h - hammer on
      p - pull off 
      b - bend string up
      r - release bend
      / - slide up
      \ - slide down
      v - vibrato 

Queen Of Needles - Saviour

drop d-tuning

this is a song that i made and i don't quite know how it goes...so,i'm just
trying to see how it would play out in my head and it sounds good in my head so
here it is.


her needles fill the highness of your heart..... distortion
and after the chorus...
|-------------------------| |------------------------||-------------------------| |------------------------||-------------------------| |------------------------||-33333333/99999999-------| |-3---------6------------||-33333333/99999999-------| |-3----0----6^5-0--------||-33333333/99999999-------| |-3/9--0----6^5-0--------|
then after playing these parts in some order there's a solo that i haven't quite gotten.this song is suppose to be played in a grungy way,have it sound as if you just learn the song today,and started playing guitar yesterday,you know,crappy.The band isn't really queen of needles so..mmhmm.Ifany of you would like to hear the song when it's done than just e-mail me at malarkie@earthlink.net. lyrics these lyrics may be crappy,and they probably,but thats cause its my rough draft of the song. thrown away knives and crosses then they sell you the guns from their closet and they sweep away all the ashes her needles fill the highness of your heart chorus HEY!!..........i'm not I'M!!..........not a HEY!!..........i'm not A!!!...........saviour swearing that they left nothing for anyone upset and answering anything that's old and sweep away to start a new line meet her and you'll know that she's mine chorus then other stuff then... she's my queen she's my queen of needles say that a bunch of times then you're sort of suppose to lose control of everything and everyone kno longer knows what to do.
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