Misc Unsigned Bands – Jeff Daniels - Switchblade Sam chords

Left handed
Switchblade Sam:Jeff Daniels (AKA Luke McDaniels)
BIG HOWDY Records in 1959.

AI was peepin' through the window one
Saturday night.. saw Charlie Brown holdin' Lucille tight.
DOver in the corner was Stagger Lee..
Aand Long Tall Sally was making whoopee.
E AMary-Lou and Switchblade Sam..I knocked on
the door and said, here I am. #2.
AYeah, I slipped through the backdoor and
gave it a slam..and out come Stagger Lee and old slick Sam.
DOut through the window jumped Charlie Brown..
Ahe's a-pickin' 'em up and a-puttin' 'em down.
E AThe funniest sight I ever saw..I guess them cats
thought I was the law. #3.
AYeah, the girls started screamin' and a-carryin' on.
Don't be frightened, you ain't alone.
DI said to myself, I'm gonna have a-fun..
Aa house full of women and I'm the only one..
Eand now them cats is clean out of sight..
Aa house full of women and a cold-cold night.
AWell, Long Tall Sally was a-sittin' on my knee..
wooo, daddy, you beat Stagger Lee.
DMary-Lou was a-playin' around..she said, yes, oh,
daddy, you beat Charlie Brown.
E ALucille-gal was a-doin' agree..she said come here,
baby 'cause you beat all three. #5.
AWell, this went on all the night..I'm a-tellin' you
they was a-treatin' me right.
D AThen I heard someone knockin' on the door..out
stood Stagger Lee with a .44.
EThere at the window was a-Charlie Brown..
Aat the back door stood ol' Switchblade Sam.
AWell, I jacked a chair and I knocked out the light..
and everybody indoors was startin' to fight.
DI jumped out the window and I started to run..
AI heard Charlie Brown say, give me that gun.
EOl' Stagger Lee said, you cut my wife..
ASwitchblade Sam said, I dropped my knife.
AWell, listen here, fellow, let me give you some advice..
if you're out jukin' on a Saturday night.
EYou better look out for a-Charlie Brown..
AStagger Lee and ol' Switchblade Sam.
A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.
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