Misc Unsigned Bands – John Edmond - The Zeederberg chords

Zeederberg - John Edmond

G C GMy name is Peter Cobbly, from Somerset I come
C D GI rode up with the column in 1891
D G D GI’ve blazed along with Burnham, I’ve ridden with Selous
D G D GI’ve shaken hands with Cecil Roads and Dr Jameson too
C D G Ladadadum Ladadum Oh for the Zeederberg
C G D D7 GTo roll on in and bring me, a little breath of England (x 2)
C D G I left my heart in England, when I set out to Rome
C D G And fourteen golden guineas I’ve saved and sent back home
D G D GI have some land I’m planting, in green Mashona land
D G D GI wrote a proper letter home to ask for Rosies hand
C D GNo nightingale can sing here, no cuckoo in the dell
C D GNo glory of the spring here, no golden daffodil
D G D GBut we will have the nightjar and lilies of the flame
D G D GAnd all the sounds of Africa to sing me Rosies name
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