Misc Unsigned Bands – John Edmond - Chayira chords

Chayira - John Edmond

G C G C D D7 G

D C GThere’s a stretch of blue water in the heart of Victoria
C G DWhere the whistling geese and the cormorants fly
G D C GAnd the chapel looks down on the place where I’ve willed
C G D GI will make my last voyage whenever I die
G C GSo carry my ashes on down from the chapel
C DSail them away to Chayira’s fair isle
G C GScatter them over the rocks of Chayira
C G D GAnd let them blow free in the breezes of Kyle
G C G C D D7 GChayira, Chayira, Chayira
D C GAnd the mountains stand fast in the clouds and the thunder
C G DAnd look to the plains where the eland are free
G D C GWhere the hippo can guffaw and the rhinos can wander
C G D GIt’s there on Chayira my spirit will be
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