Twosyncmusic - Fifa 13 Song chords with lyrics by Misc Unsigned Bands - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Misc Unsigned Bands – Twosyncmusic - Fifa 13 Song chords

Song written by: RaiderGames - Chris
Produced by: iDuel2010 - Mat 

Tabbed by Fintan Bray

The Fifa 13 Song   (Capo 3)

Bm ALogging onto Fifa servers,
G DI'm calm and quite content.
Bm AI check my Ultimate Team and see,
G GThat I've just sold Darren Bent.
Bm A It's Happy Hour let's buy some packs,
G DI still got bugger all.
Bm ANow I've got no coins for an in form Ibrah,
G G Aso I'll settle for Callum Ball. (ohhhh ohhhhh)
G A(let ring)But I can't wash my hands of this game.
D GNo matter how much it winds me up,
D A DI just can't pull myself away.
D G No matter how much it makes me rage,
D A D FIFA's just in my DNA.
G A(let ring) Verse 2 SAME AS VERSE 1 I rarely play a game that doesn't consist of a sweaty goal. He's one nil up I've outplayed this guy, But the stats say I'm in control. I've had 20 shots and he's only had one, Is it scripting or denial? On 90 minutes he scores a corner, So angry it makes me smile. But I still can't wash my hands of this game. REPEAT CHORUS Bridge
D G AStart a new game and whack it on world class.
D G AComputer cheats can't intercept a pass.
D G AWhat was that, did he just fall? He got the ball!
D G ARefs given a pen, I'm down to ten men.
G A(let ring) REPEAT CHORUS x2
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