Misc Unsigned Bands – Crywank - Welcome To Castle Irwell chords

Left handed
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The whole song is really easy, just G to Em. Listen to the song to get the 
strumming right, also support the artist. crywank.bandcamp.com

G Em

GI woke up this morning wanting to cry
Emand when I called her I realized why.
G EmAlthough she was honest, she spoke with a cold tongue.
GI broke down in the courtyard when it came to light
Emshe broke every promise in the space of one night.
G EmShe made me hate this city, immediately.
GI thought she was something else,
Embut as it turns out she was just someone else.
GThere where four questions I wanted to ask,
Emdo you love him yet? Do you think it will last?
GWhere you wearing the pants I bought you?
Em Gdo you ever think that he thought you resembled me in some way?
Ema boy left to break.
GWe spent two years together,
EmI thought I made her better.
G EmAll my best friends told me I should forget her,
G Embut I never could, I thought that I should.
G Em I need to stop thinking of the things I'll never do again,
G Emand just be glad I did them, and I'm so glad I did them.
G EmFirst love does not mean best love,
G Emand best friends may not mean best friends forever,
G G Em but they both mean at somepoint, somewhere, someone did care
[nothing played] and their memories still there.
GI know she was special,
GI know she was good,
EmI know she wasn't flawless but I know I was loved.
GI know she had passion,
GI know she was kind,
Emso why should an ending alter my state of mind.
GAlthough I find it hard to relive her,
GI know that I would always forgive her.
G Em G [one slow strum]She says no regrets, and I say don't forget.
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