Misc Unsigned Bands - Social Lockdown - Garage Rock tab

Tabbed by Erin!
Band e-mail- nkozmet@yahoo.com

Repeat for verse hey hey people, hey hey children, hey hey fuckers You better love this song
Pre Chorus-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9-------------------------------------7-------9------7-------5---3------------------7--x5---7--x5--7--x5---5---3------------------5--------------5-------3---1---------------
The Chorus is the same but strum each chord once First time garage band. 3 chord garage rock 2nd verse same as the first hey hey bitches, hey hey pissants, hey hey fuckers You better love this song Outro
Work this part out w/ your drumer. As long as you have the timings right, it doesn't matter how many times you strum. Enjoy!
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