Misc Unsigned Bands – Drew Smith - Way Back Home chords

Tuning Standard / No capo
For "C" us Cadd9

(Muted Strumming)

G C G, G D C

G C GWhen I was young I had a girl so pretty
G D CWhen I was young I had a girl so true
G C GBut you left town and headed out for the city
G D CAnd you said you were never coming back through
G C G, G D C
G C G You got a mama and a papa, sister and a brother
G D CBut you ain't got no friends of mine
G C GYou know I cant tell the one from the other
G D CAnd since you've been gone, Ive been losing my mind.
G D C Chorus:
G D CAnd if you find your way back to the river
G D CWont you wash my black water soul
G D CCause I have found my own way back to shelter
Em D/Fsus (mute)But wont you fi----------nd your way back home
G C G, G D C (x2)
G C GSo I left town about a year ago
G D CIve been to New York, Tree Port, and Chicago
G C GAnd every now and then I send a post card home
G D CCause being gone don't change being alone
G C GSo if you ever miss the cotton fields
G D CYou can find me hanging around the Moonshine Still
G C GCome back home if your love is real
G D CCause I ain't scared of the way I feel
Chorus x2
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