Misc Unsigned Bands - Droideka - Get Hyper tab

There was no tab for this on UG or Songsterr, so i worked it out by ear, here it is for you guys:

standard tuning.
pretty easy to play
tabbed by Jake Fedarb

I couldn't get the high bit for the intro but this is the bass line for the whole song.

After intro:-e|--------------------------|b|--------------------------|g|--------------------------| Repeat thisd|--------------------------| As many timesa|---2------------2------2--|E|-00-3-00-22-3333-3-5555-3-|
GET HYPER.e|---------------------------------|b|---------------------------------|g|---------------------------------|d|---------------------------------|a|-22-20-0-22------55-20-0-77-20---|E|-00---3--00-2023-33---3--55---32-|
The bit after when both parts come together?
C: enjoy
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