Misc Unsigned Bands – Phemiec - Sweet chords

the song only has two chord patterns


and E,D,B.

The song is played in ~*OPEN D TUNING*~ 

B E GHello, my candy coated darling, it’s your vanilla baby
F# BI’ve come to say I love you and I always have
E GI find it so amusing, I used to be confused and
F# Bafraid that you would never love me back
EBut now I see that we were always meant to be
G F#you and me forever planting lots of family trees
B Ecounting out our children, half a zillion at least
G F#we ll name the boys for you and we will name the girls for me
E D BFeels so neat! Never wanna be myself again, I just wanna be SW E ET!
E D BFeels so fun! Never wanna come back down[dotdotdot]
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