Misc Unsigned Bands - Brian Ginsberg - End Credits Free For All tab

Artist: Brian Ginsberg
Song: End Credits (Free For All) 
Tuning: Droped D - D A D G B E

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This is the the for the almost legendary song from the MTV cartoon Free For All
which was played at the end during the credits. It just a damn fuckin' awesome song
to chill out. Whatever... I saw no tabs for it so I decided to tab it out
and I think the tab's pretty good... So enjoy the Free For All song!

| IntroE|-------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------|D|------7~-7-----7~-7-----7~-7-----7~-7------|A|-----5--5-5---4--4-4---5--5-5---5--5-5-----|D|----0--------4--------5--------5-----------|
| InterludeE|-------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------|G|----------------------44444444-22222222----|D|----00000000-44444444-44444444-22222222----|A|----00000000-44444444-22222222-00000000----|D|----00000000-44444444----------------------|
| SoloE|-------------------------------------------|B|-----------5-------------------------------|G|-------6^---6^-----8^-9--------------------|D|------5---7-------7-----11-8^--------------|A|-----5-----------7-------------------------|D|----5-----------7--------------------------|
| OutroE|-------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------|G|-------------44444444-66666666-7777-99~~---|D|----00000000-44444444-44444444-5555-77~~---|A|----00000000-22222222-44444444-5555-77~~---|D|----00000000----------44444444-5555-77~~---|
Order: Intro 2x - Interlude - Solo - Outro I think the tab is close to the song. However it's pretty simple... Enjoy Free For All! If you have any questions etc. or other shit: Send me a Mail: My Name's Chad - TheSuburbiaBomb@Gmail.Com Or Visit My Blog: SuburbiaBomb.Blogspot.Com
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