Misc Unsigned Bands – Steven Georgiou - Jesus Youre So Wonderful chords

Title: Jesus you’re so wonderful
Artist: Steven Georgiou

Intro: B, A, G#, A

Jesus you’re so wonderful, your works are really beautiful

You gave us life, you gave us all, you, my lord are wonderful

Hallelujah 2x

Your always there in just one call, you’re not that busy, not at all

You gave us trials but its all, just to make us more faithful

You are so adorable, you always make me want to fall

More and more in love with you, oh lord you always make me roll

Hallelujah 2x

My god you are so wonderful
You deserve the praise of all
Each and everyone who sing
And everyone who worships you


(Repeat intro except the instrumental at the last, the use Hallelujah)

2nd Chorus:

Our God is worthy to be praised
He’s always there to answer our prayers
He’s our father and our creator
And he is also our protector

Hallelujah 4x
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