Misc Unsigned Bands – Steven Georgiou - Just Sme chords

Intro: D, DM7, Bm, G (Plucking)

Look at the faces we don’t know,
Smile at them and say hello,
With your simple smile,
You can make the world bright.

We’ve been busy, yes I know,
For all the days that we should go,
Study and compile,
All the things that are required.


You say you cannot do this, not at all,
You’re so special don’t you know?
That with a simple smile, you can do this every while,
You could make all things alright.

Seeing different people with happy faces,
Even though we’re in different races,
It could make me relax,
It may even last for hours.



Just smile, it makes everything alright and it makes us happy,
Don’t you see how special it is? You can make the world go bright.
Smile, It isn’t so hard to try, and it also makes us appreciate all the things that became
A part of our lives.


I’ve been seeing unhappy faces,
To those people with different cases,
Of problems in their life, 
I can see them with my sight.

I started thinking, “What’s the problem?”
In these people, in this situation,
Then I saw people fighting each other,
With just a simple thing to bother,

You may also see people hating,
One another, friendship starts fading,
Like an old picture full of memories,
You may say we should forgive

Saying sorry isn’t hard to say,
Think of all the memories that should stay,
In each other, everything that matters,
We could be brothers and sisters,


Repeat Chorus

Insturmental 2x


9th composition finished :)
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