Misc Unsigned Bands – Steven Georgiou - The Eighteenth Gift chords

Song: The Eighteenth Gift
Artist: Steven T. Georgiou (ME again XD)
Note: please use the chords below as the chords given
example. C/D will be the formation of the tab on the left,
and C9 will be the formation of the tab on the right.

C/D, C9

(TAB) C/D C9e|-------------- -----------------|B|-----3-------- ------3--3--3----|G|---0--0------- ----0--0--0--0---|D|--4-4--4------ ---0-0--0--0--0--|A|-5------------ (2x) --3--------------|E|-------------- -----------------|
Intro You’re so amazing, you’ve been a good friend to us all, In trouble times, it’s you who were seeking, to make us all, Comfortable, it’s your voice, you are so comforting, it makes us fall, Asleep, yes, that’s why you’re the best friend of all.
Chorus: G D C9 DMy best friend you’re so amazing, sweet and you’re
Magnificent, so wonderful you are, oh yes you are a gift from God Instrumental Don’t you worry when you are in trouble, you can call, Anyone of us, we will be available, to answer your call, No matter how long, no matter how busy, we are all, Just for you, we will always be there for you. Chorus 2: Angel from God, you will always be there for us, A great listener, oh best friend you are a gift from God for us Instrumental (Repeat Chorus 2 then instrumental) 8th Composition finished :) K8th Happy birthday :)
(TAB)e|-------------- -----------------|B|-----3-------- ------3--3--3----|G|---0--0------- ----0--0--0--0---|D|--4-4--4------ ---0-0--0--0--0--|A|-5------------ (2x) --3--------------|E|-------------- -----------------|
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