Misc Unsigned Bands – Steven Georgiou - Days Thinking Of You chords

Song: Days of Thinking of You
Artist: Steven T. Georgiou (ME)
G Em C9 F#Intro:
Days of thinking of you, it makes me so insane that I wanna be with you, oh oh A day seems to be a week, and I hate myself for loving you For it makes my whole world lock itself, until the day we meet again Chorus:
G D Am CI love the way you look, I love the way you dress,
It's just pretty simple, matching your pretty face, Oh darling you’re beautiful in every single way, Oh you always caught my eye on every day, Instrumental Oh girl I’m thinking of you, on every minute, every second of everyday, Oh oh I hope that you’re always alright, cause seeing you in pain makes me feel unright I hope that you will sleep well every night, Chorus 2: Oh please do tell me, that you love me too, Or else my heart will break into pieces over you, I’m so sorry for my insanity, but I’m just in love with you, Oh yes I do. Instrumental Oh girl please love me too, I promise I will take so much care of you, oh oh There may be ups and may be downs, but don’t you worry I’ll be always there for you, Even if I’m too far away from you Chorus 3: (Ending) We may be miles away, but I promise that I’ll just stay, I also promise that I will never go away, Oh darling just remember these three words I will say, Oh I love you, I love you, oh I love you. Instrumental w/ plucking then Repeat Chorus 3 (7th Composition Finished)2hrs Finished Song :)
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