Misc Unsigned Bands – Michael Flayhart - Over Thinking chords

                             OVER THINKING - Michael Flayhart
Tabbed by: gamingstaff

Tuning: Standard

Em Em Em B B B Just five minutes ago I swear I saw the girl of my dreams
Am Am Am B B Em She made her way down 18th avenue, south
Em Em Em Em Em B B B B B Well I said what do you know thats where Im going too if youre free
Am Am Am Am Am B B Em Em Lets skip the front and try out something new, oh
Am Am Am Am Am B B Em EmI say hi, how do you do, My name is Mike and I kinda like you
Em Am Am Am Am Am B B Em Em EmI am wrong when I think Im right and tune you out if you dont see quite like I do
Am Am Am Am Am B B Em Em Oh oh, Oh oh, Oh Oooooo
Am Am Am Am Am B B Em Em Oh oh, Oh oh, Oh Oooooo
...Play the exact same thing for the second verse and chorus, then... [BRIDGE]
Em B Am Maybe Im confused, I thought that all that love was getting to
B Was seeing its your point of view.
Em B Am B I think I misconstrued what people really wanna see if its not honesty.
Am EmWell how much of love is not giving up,
Am EmajorIs it chemistry or enduring all the worst of me,
Am EmBut as I walk down the street and dwell on these things
Am B BThe girl of my dreams returns to the scene.
Now back to playing the same chords as before all the way till the end. Easy as that!
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