Misc Unsigned Bands – Steven Georgiou - One Thing I Hate About Myself chords

Intro: C G Am F#/ Power Chords

One thing I hate about myself is me loving you so much
I know you hate it too, cause you want us to retain our friendship.
And I know you won’t allow us to exceed that friendship 
To proceed on a me and you relationship.

I know you've got someone else in your mind 
And you locked him up deep inside your heart,
Leaving me outside, this wide and open world,

Chorus: C. Em. G. F#.

I’m sorry for being a fool, I just can’t stop loving you
It makes me feel embarrassed seeing myself shredding tears
But I may say that these are manly tears falling upon my ego
For I can’t have the most important woman in my life,

She’s just so simple but yet she, has so many mans in her life
She became confused, she doesn’t know who to choose
I would have killed this one guy, for he hurted you so much
But I just can't coz this guy is a friend of mine.

At first I saw them happily, happy with one another
It made me decide to leave them alone and walk away
But then I saw them arguing with, with each other
That had made us both alone and having nothing to say

Refrain: Oh, you felt so lonely

I started asking you, on how did you feel yesterday
You just answered me by sayin I just feel ok
Because of what had happened on to you, we started chatting everyday
Since then we even started on texting on almost every day,

But suddenly you stopped it all, I don't know what you're up to
But maybe you don't want fall again and cry again too
You judged every male to be the same, and never thought that i would do
Everything to make you happy and cry because of joy and laughter too

6th composition Finished
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