Misc Unsigned Bands – Kaleidoscope Sunday - Christopher chords

Capo 5

F#*: 2x45xx
G*:  5045xx
G**: 5545xx

GOnce upon a time when the earth was a disc
Cthey feared the edge like plague, sudden death to all who'd ever
Gtry, but one guy
Cbought three ships and a crew and they tied the ropes loose
F#*and the ships to sea and then
G* G** headed for the fringe
GA friend... an anchor in a sea
Gof mistrust, where heavy winds keep dragging
Cyou off and throw water on the deck
Gand we don't know where to face the bust
F#*the parchment maps have long been lost
G* G**the compass a vague shadow in the dark
Ref (instrumental): E - C - Am - D (2x)
GThe land... few left to believe but
Cinstead of panic-stricken end the salvation is near
Gthey put their feet and lips to ground and
praised the gods for what they found
Ccould only be a miracle but the truth is
F#*they took chances and gained
G* G**and that's all there's to say
Ref (instrumental): E - C - Am - D (2x) Have fun!
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