Misc Unsigned Bands – Daniel Madhand - Back To You chords

F#mRaining, your eyes are raining,
EOh I wish the clouds would clear, to be close with you my dear.
F#mOh paining, I feel your pain and,
E C#I wish that you could know, that I've loved you ever so.
F#mOh I know, that I can't go,
EA day without thinking, 'bout your heart that's slowly sinking.
F#mI'd hold you, and unfold you,
E C#Until you really knew, that my love is near and true.
F#m E A Bm Can I be with you forever?
F#m E A Bm Couldn't leave you if I tried.
F#m E A Bm And I'll stop loving you, never,
F#m E A Bm Just let me dry the tears you cry,
F#m E A BmAnd I want to be, the one, to hold you,
F#m E A BmJust want to be, the one, you turn to
F#m E Would you let me love and care for you,
A BmLike nobody else,
F#m E A BmCause I promise, I'll be coming back to you
F#m E A BmYeah I promised, I'll come running back to you.
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