Misc Unsigned Bands – Yotam Perel - Birthday 18 chords

I couldn't find the chords to this song so I just made some. 
The chord changes are well synced with the lyrics too, 
I've noticed a lack of that on UG.

F AmIt's my birthday today but I don't want to party
C BbBecause there are other important things on my mind
F AmIts not the finals result it's not my body that repulses me
C Bb-BmIt just makes me feel a little bit crumby
F AmI'm being drafted to the army three years sounds alarming
C BbNot sure what to do I guess I'll have to sit through
F AmSome office job not that thrilling well at least theres no killing
C BbInvolved with my service yet I'm still pretty nervous
F AmIt's my birthday today and I'm not sure what to say
C Bb-BmI guess- I guess this thing didn't come out very funny
FBut I am blaming the army
(Yotam crying) F C Am Bb F C Am Bb
F Am It's my birthday today and I don't want to celebrate
C Bb-BmBecause the army's making my future look bleak
FWell at least I can drink
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