Misc Unsigned Bands – Some Kind Of Hero - Elvis Costello tab

Elvis Costello® 

I left the background on this page blank so that if anyone wants to print our
tabs they can go ahead and do it, just please make sure you get our permission
before you post them anywhere else.


This last part is played (4x) Song -Chorus- (bar chords): B B B (7); Em Em Em Em (0); G G G (3); D D D D (10); D D D (10); G G G G (3); A A A (5); B B B B (7); B B B (7); Em Em Em Em (0); G G G (3); B B B B (7); B B B (7); Em Em Em Em (0)x2; G G G (3); Em Em Em Em (0) Solo:
Chorus (2x) then play (with chords barred): G G G (3); A A A A (5); G G G (3); Em Em Em Em (0) <-Play this line (4x)
This last part is played (4x) and moves into outro (outro played as normal chords): D D D; A A A A; Em Em Em Em; A A A A <-Play this line (4x) then move into: A A A; E; E E E <-Play this line (4x) ending on D (let ring) End This is my band. We are a new band. You can kind out about us at www.somekindofhero.bravepages.com. I will be posting many more of our song and you can chech for accurusy on our web site because all our song are posted in tab there also.
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