Misc Unsigned Bands - Potbelleez - Dont Hold Back chords version 1

Hey this is Potbelleez song Dont Hold Back
the intro is acoustic guitar then the rest is effects but
its the same chords for the whole song
Coments are welcome
H hammer-onp pull-off
Tuning: Standard
Intro and Chorus F# C#m B5 F#E|---2------4----4----------2----------|B|---2------4h-55p-4-------2----------|G|---3------4h-66p-4----4--3----------|D|---4------4h-66p-4----4--4----------|A|---4------4----4-------2--4----------|E|---2----------------------2----------|
Verses C#mE|-----4------|B|-----5------|G|-----6------|D|-----6------|A|-----4------|E|------------|
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