Misc Unsigned Bands – Andrew Landon - Where It Ends chords


verse: C G F C

chorus: F C G F C

CIt was easy
GWhen nobody knew a thing
FWhen we were all ignorant
CWhen we were all innocent
CBelieve me
Git gets so hard to do
Fto act like your all grown up
Cand know that you've had enough
F CAnd this is where it ends
GA place we all pretend
F CTo know about but no one understands
F CBut you belong to me
GAnd I belong to you
F CAnd that'll be enough for me for now
CIt was easy
G But you would'nt know would you?
FYou've been so caught up in
CThe place where we both began
CBelieve me
GI would've been there for you
FBut you had some things to do
CIf I had only knew
repeate verse chords Chorus
F CThank you to my mom
GFor always staying strong
F Cand helping be the best that i could be
F CAnd thank you to my dad
Gfor always staying glad
F Cto help me in the finest time of need
F CAnd thank you to my wife
Gfor giving me this life
F CI always want but never thought I'd find
CAnd thank you to my son
Gfor helping me press on
G Cyou gave me all the strength I knew I'd need
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