Misc Unsigned Bands – The East Coast Fling - Purity chords

                                            "Purity" - The East Coast Fling
Tempo: Allegro, 168bpm
Guitar/Bass Tuning: Eb

Intro (2x): Let chords ring out.   Bb,  Bbm,  Ab,  Eb

Verse 1:
Bb Bbm Ab EbIt can't have heart inside. A foreign exchange of words.
Bb Bbm Ab EbIn regard to courtship on the side. Our sins are purified but now i must.
Ebm Bbm Deny.
Pre-Chorus 1:
Ebm Bbm Ebm Bbm Only initial chemical infatuation. Only initial chemical infatuation.
Ebm Bbm Fmaj (let ring out for 1 meas.) Only initial chemical infatuation. Verse 2:
Bb Bbm Ab I'm put in a trance when you dance so low.
Ab Eb Can't close my eyes when I'm with you.
Bb Bbm Ab We're not innocent no more. I scream out loud for control.
Ab EbAnd theres no reply at all.
Pre-Chorus 2:
Ebm (strumm 1 meas.) Bbm Quite no other lover like you are.
Ebm (strumm 1 meas.) Bbm Kissed no other lover like you are.
Ebm (strumm 1 meas.) Bbm F#cked no other lover like you are.
Fmaj C#maj (ring out)Just say the word, you always get your way
Keyboard Bridge: Let chords ring out. C#maj, Bbm (Repeat 4x) Fmaj (ring out) Outro (2x then END on Bbm):
Bb Ab Eb FmajPurity as I sit before you. Purity was stolen from my life.
Bb Ab Eb Fmaj Your hot skin rubs me raw. Your dead eyes are drilled inside my mind!
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