Misc Unsigned Bands – No Talent - Crazy Stuff tab

Information: "No Talent" is a band from Norway-Bergen. We are 3 girls who plays
guitar, bass, and drums... we have played together in almost four years. we
really want to have this song on the ultimate-guitar site... :o)

No Talent – Crazy stuff
(Written by: Tina Hua)
(Other members: Christine Torsvik Anderssen, and Eirin Helen Flolid Fosse)

Em  C  G  D  (play four beats eahc chord all the way)
- Intro:
Em (play four beats)

Don’t you think I’m that naive?
That I could actually believe
How a guy like you could ever fall for me
I have been fooled before
Don’t wanna go there no more
Your past of lies is showing up behind closed doors

- Chours
I’m not scared of anything
I’m not lacking self-esteem
Can’t be a part of everything
Everything is not as it seems
My life is messed up
Don’t you mess it any more
All these crazy stuff there just coming back for more

I have almost been drowned
Situations put me down
But you’re even worse than me
You never stay on ground
On the outside you look like
The finest guy in my sight
Maybe that is what makes me so uptight

- Repeat chorus

- Mellomspill: 
Em C G D (play to beats eahc chord)

You’re using me for your amusement
Is it so fun to see my confusement?
All the times I’ve been told lies in everyway
Please let it stop
Let it fade away…

- Repeat chorus
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