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  We are a new band From Manitoba,Canada. We havent done any big concerts but we
do local concerts. We got judged at one of our cancerts and came in first place.
We dont have a website but if we make one We will give you guys the URL. We are
making our first CD wich will prob. com out in March 2004.

IntroE---------------------------B---------------------------G---------------------------D--9999---7777---5555---7777A--7777---5555---3333---5555E--------------------------- x2
Riff 1E----------------------------------------------------------------B----------------------------------------------------------------G----------------------------------------------------------------D--99999999---77777777---55555555---77777777---9999---8888--999--A--77777777---55555555---33333333---55555555---7777---6666--777--E----------------------------------------------------------------
Main RiffE-------------------------------B-------------------------------G-------------------------------D---999---777---888---999-888--7A---777---555---666---777-666--5E---888---666---777-------------
It goes Intro Riff 1 Main Riff Riff 1 Intro
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