Misc Unsigned Bands - Pro Unleashed - Beer Street tab

We are a vand from Canada. We dont have a website but if we get one ill e-mail
it to you. Our CD will be coming out in march 2004.

This is our sencend song on our Cd.

IntroE-------------------------B-------------------------G-------------------------D-------------------------A-9-10-9-8-7-8-6-7-8-9-9--E---------------------8-10 x2
RiffE----------------------B----------------------G----0-----------------D---3-2----------------A--0---1----9--9--7--5-E-2-----0---7--7--5--3- x3
Main RiffE------------------------------B------------------------------G------------------------------D-------0-------------------0--A-----7---7---------------7---7E-0-0-------0-0-8-9---0-0------ x2
It goes intro Riff Main Riff Riff Intro
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