Misc Unsigned Bands – Point Blank Miss - Let It Pass tab

point blank miss is a new underground band that ou probably havent heard of...they are 
awsome band that u are missing out on my e- mail address is whitehendrix64@netscape.net 
their are any questions
                       LET IT PASS   (tabbed by bjorn jacobsen of point blank miss)

                      Soft riff                 hard riff
Electric guitar- done in barre chords(A- C D A- :||)   (G E- A B A6 E-)  :|| TWICE FOR LYRICS
                      Soft riff
Acoustic guitar(A- C D A-)  (Hard riff is done only by the electric guitar)
(Aoustic is in the background)

A-                        C                     D                                   A-
Shallow laughter seeks the halls as desperate measures search them allA- C D A-
On the ground the dew soaks in...as the men commit they're sins(Hardcore riff)A- C D A-
In the sky the clouds fly high. All the people search for sigh.A- C D A-Happy faces circle sad, as the boy screams for dad.
(hardcore) G# E- A B A4 G# E- A B A4 ohhhoh let it pass, ohhhoh let it pass (soft) A- C
Hot water soon turns hardD A-heavens light...turns dark.A- CBlank paper stares at the writer,D A-the writer's caught in his dreams.
Solo (Acoustic in background) (this goes through acoustic chorus till 3 RIFFS)e----/5-5-5h8-8-8------------------/5-5-5H8-8-8------------8/10-8-8/10-8)-|B----------------5h8-8-8-8h10-10-10------------5H8-8-8-8H10---------------|G-------------------------------------------------------------------------|D-------------------------------------------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
b-bend /-slide :||-repeat 1 time
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