Misc Unsigned Bands – Jealous Sound - Fold Out tab

The Jealous Sound - Fold Out

Tabbed by: Kevin Rodriguez (I submitted another version on the same day like an hour 
than this one but i realized i messed up typing some of it so here it is again!)

(I tabbed this bad boy in like five minutes so excuse if something is wrong....I think I 
much got it though.....idk if there are more guitar riffs in the song though I think 
is like one more b4 and during the beginning of the chorus but oh well.....well if
there are any comments on additional riffs or tips on the ones I have now just go ahead
and take 
I have and work on it and then u can post it up urself when u have it down to what
u think is right. Rock On!)


Other thingy during the chorus (u can hear it best near the 2:35 mark):
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