Misc Unsigned Bands – Bell X1 - Alphabet Soup tab

Alphabet Soup - Bell X1.
Tab & Chords.
Tabbed By Paul Mackle.

This is a great song, by a great "new" band called Bell X1 (Damien Rice's former band mates).
Couldnt find any Bell X1 tabs, so i thought i'd have a crack myself.
So here goes....

Theres a few riffs, but theyre all based around the same idea:

Opening Riff:e-----------------------------------------eb-----------------------------------------bg--7-7-6-------5---7-7-6------------------gd--------5-7-7---5-------5-7-7-4-7--------da-----------------------------------------ae-----------------------------------------e
when that dies down, theres a quieter riff to go with the verse. (its also the same riff at the end) Quieter/Ending Riff: (the very last time you play it, at the end of the song add that wee note in brackets!)
There seems to be a small riff played over and over again when "youre not Maud Gonne" changes key:
theres also another riff around "i was somone elses children":
Well thats about it for the riffs; chords are easy enough too: Verse: D A I Shoulda known, by the arc of the empty wine glass D A I shoulda known, cos you step on, dont walk over cracks D A looking over my Shoulder, to see you looking back over yours D A but you were paying the ferryman, even after Chris said dont.. Pre Chorus: F#m but youre not Maud Gonne, not Maud Gonne E no youre not Maud Gonne, not Maud Gonne F#m and youre not Maud Gonne, not Maud Gonne E no youre not Maud Gonne, not Maud Gonne... Chorus: D A youre not Maud Gonne...but then again neither was she D A the only one talkin now, is my alphabet soup F#m E i say you like children, but you couldnt eat a whole one D A and the only one talkin now, is my alphabet soup... A and hes on a loop... Verse: (chords as above) I shoulda known, but i only caught a glimpse, I shoulda known, a beautiful red wine stained glimpse, i was other peoples children, i could always be sent home, in front of some elses blue screen, for someone elses show, Pre Chorus & Chorus: (as above) Ending: D A D ...my alphabet soup...yeah hes on a loop A D ...my alphabet Soup...yeah hes on a loop A ...my alphabet soup...(he says..oh wait..whats that, whats that he says) D5 C5 A5 Whats that youre sayin to me A5 tomato coated spaghetti? (play x4, distorted if ya like!) (5th time round it goes:) D whats that youre sayin to me E tomato coated spaghetti? D Its gonna be okay....(till fade) And thats it!!! lovely wee song... any questions/comments...send to paul_mackle@hotmail.com.
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