Misc Unsigned Bands – Hawthorne Heights - Silver Bullet tab

this is a new band hitting the post-hardcore scene and they are awesome i luv em
every1 go buy the silence in black and white cd

alrite noone is tabbing em so i am
dropped d,i didnt figure out the whole song but i figured most of it

u can figure the strumming patterns,ill give u the notesINTROe]--------------------|b]--------------------|g]------------------x-|2,then leads into singing,so a total of 4 timesd]--------------------|a]---6---6-6--6-6--2--|d]---6---6-6--6-6--2--|
alrite this is the part i havent figured out,the outro of the intro or whatever you may want to call it....it prob isnt hard but i havent figured it out yet
VERSEheavy palm mutes on every note,figure out strumming urselfe]------------------| /=slideb]------------------|g]------------------|x? listen to the cdd]------------------|a]--6--2--6--4--9/2-|e]--6--2--6--4--9/2-|
CHORUS(no strumming patterns given)e]------------------|b]------------------|g]------------------|d]------------------|a]--2--9--4--6------|x? listen....e]--2--9--4--6------|
well thats all ive got i think......email sumnirvana41@aol.com for anything
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