Misc Unsigned Bands – Mizmaar - Kash tab

This is very nice song and very easy to play, yet needs some practice.

Adust the lyrics of the song into the above riff by carefully listening to the song.This is very simple.You will do it very easily. Am G F G door jitna bhi tum mujh se paas tere main Am G F G ab to aadat si hai mujh ko aise jeenain main Am G F G zindagi se koi shikwa hi nahin hai Am G F G ab to zinda hoon main is neele asman main
Basically you hold Am* and F*. Am G F G chahat aisi hai yeh teri barhti jaye Am G F G aahat aisi hai yeh teri mujh ko sataye Am G F G yaaden gehri hain itni dil doob jaaye Am G F G aur ankhon main yeh ghum num ban jaayen Am* F G aahehhaaaeeeaae hooaa hoooaaaaa hooaeoe
Am G F G ab to aadat si hai mujh ko aise jeenain main Am* G F aahaahaaaaeeee hooeeeee hoooooeeee hooee Am* F G aahaaaahaaaeee aaahaaaaaa hoooee hooee (Am) (F) (G) ( ) shows power chords. sabhi yaaden hain sabhi baaten hain haaannn (Am) (F) (G) bhula do unhain mita do unhain aaaannn I think it is more than enough. Just try it and have fun. For comments write to me at Ali_thesaint@yahoo.com
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