Misc Unsigned Bands – Living Daylights - Hypnotize tab

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Date: Sat, August 28, 2004
From: Chase
Subject: The Living Daylights "Hypnotize" (New Artist)

Title: Hypnotize
Band: The Living Daylights
Tabbed by Chase
Lyrics by: Corey Windover
Music by: The Living Daylights

CFCG (x2)

C                                   F
Regulation bringing what we knew we wouldn't feel
C                 G
The logical resistance
Enjoying what we heard 
C                     F
And what we dreamt it could become
C                      G
Passing off our judgements
C                 F                                 C
Listening to believe the word that everybody's saying
        G                       C F C G
You encounter the absurd for free
A                         C               
Oh - It's bringing everybody down
A                                                 C                     
Innocence is lost when hopeless feelings come around
A                                C
And then we see - we see that we can try
A                            C
Try to answer, try to answer why
D                        A
Oh when we, we begin the trip
C                                                   G
Bringing fears without promise and nothing can stop us
D                      A
We breathe, we breathe too deep
C                               G
It is a pleasure that we try to keep 

D          A
It's hip. Hypnotize.
C                        G
It is everybody's silent disguise.
D          A
It's hip. Hypnotize.
C                             G
It is our mind's form of true compromise.

Verse 2
Indicating how we learn from lessons that we taught
Expressing signs of caution
Our evidence supports the scene of underrated joy
A serious impression
Consuming what has been left to you
The indecisive character 
That is always running through your mind

Oh - Relieving pain we left behind
Can't remember what we lost, the tune distorts our mind 
But then we feel - we feel what we're hiding from
We cannot be, we cannot be calm

Oh when we, we begin to lose
We can see what it's doing, the thrill is alluding to pain
We must lose the pain
So our powerful minds will remain




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