Misc Unsigned Bands - Heroicseven - Killed A Squirrel tab

Info This band exsists its based in california. three people no drum just a
tamboreen and bongos its cool but different it is a band the members are scott
brian and phill. scots the singer brian is rythm and phil is lead guitar. it works it does.

introe------------|B------------|G------------| X4D------------|A--9-5-7-5-4-|E-7-3-5-3-2--|
Play verse againplay chorus1st guitar playsVersee----------------|B----------------|G----------------|X8D----55-77-------|A-22-33-55-55-77-|E-00-------33-55-|
solo- is improvised so go for it just bending and sliding and penatonic scales. go gettum.
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