Misc Unsigned Bands – Amapyst - Why Did You Leave Me tab

 Why did you leave me!!! (guitar tab/drum tab)
This is our band Amapyst and we are a new band and have been togeter for about 2
months and we are a chch band!!

 you need two guitarists one guitarist must be in D tuning the other in standard!

 hope you enjoy this! its an origional done by our band enjoy!!!!!!!

 E tuned does the intro


e|-----------------------| B|-----------------------| G|----7----7------7----7-|repeat this 8 times D|---7----7------7----7--| A|--5-----------5--------| E|------6-----------6----|
while the intro is being played by the E tuned the D tune does this after 2 times through!
e|------------------| B|------------------| G|------------------|play this twice through intro you'll fiqure out how!!! D|--5~------4~------| A|--5~------4~------| D|--5~------4~------|
verse( both D and E tuned play the verse it goes like this) the E tuned does this!
e|-------------| B|-------------| G|-------------|play this part 12 times D|----7-----10-| A|---7----10---| E|--5----8-----|
the D tune does this
e|-------------| B|-------------| G|-------------|play this part 12 times with the E tuned you'll work it out D|--7-7-7-0h8~-| A|--7-7-7-0h8~-| D|--7-7-7-0h8~-|
chorus (just the E tuned plays the chorus)
e|-------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------| G|-------------------------------------| D|--2-2-xxxx-3-3-xx-4-4-xxxx-7-7-xx-2~-| A|--2-2-xxxx-3-3-xx-4-4-xxxx-7-7-xx-2~-| E|--0-0-xxxx-3-3-xx-2-2-xxxx-5-5-xx-0~-|
solo ( the D tuned does this) update it soon as it is under construction!! ejoy! any comments to drumboy24@hotmail.com cheers
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