Misc Unsigned Bands - Imik - Piya tab

This artist is a new pakistani artist and has only a few songs
Song:Piya Artist:Imik
Tabbed By: Noroze Dani (scorpion)
Email: the_big_red_machine_137@hotmial.com,sc0rp10nst1ng@hotmail.com
Tuning:standard EADGBe

This song sounds good if u finger pick riff 1, which is to be played throughout
the song(execpt when the chord strumming starts).

Note:In the bridge the second guitar plays something too but i havent figured it
out as i don have da song

Riff 1:e----------------|-----------------|-----------------|------------------|B----------------|-----------------|-----------------|------------------|G----5--------5--|-----7--------7--|-----9--------9--|-----7---------7--|D----5----5---5--|-----7----7---7--|-----9----9---9--|-----7-----7---7--|A--3----3---3----|---5----5---5----|---7----7--7-----|---5----5---5-----|E----------------|-----------------|-----------------|------------------|
When the strumming starts play: Csus2:335533 Dsus2:557755 779977(i dunno the name of this chord) and back to Dsus2.Strum every chord 12 times. After the srtumming play riff one till the song ends.
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